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Some words from Chairman

The great position comes always with the great responsibilities to maintain both parties.

Our candidates and clients have been my market teachers, which strengthens in the sense of choosing the right candidates and making right decisions. At NEMC we are always endeavouring to provide bulk recruitment with suitable and sustainable candidates.

I believe that providing manpower is not only to generate the revenue it always likes to serve nature and to contribute to social responsibilities By serving to candidate, company, and countries.

Human loyalty is our focal part of our authorized company, We will soon be turning to 30 in 2021, & I am especially proud of what our team has achieved in these 29 years of services.

We continued looking and making improvement in all areas of our business to ensure that it is run in the most efficient way to the higher level of quality, while Always going to extra mile to serve and satisfied the clients.

Our presence across India & other countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Philippines, Pakistan, and Egypt ease us to provide the complete manpower.

We work smart with today's updated technology, we work together 6 transparency is our committed tools which repeatedly allow our client to use our service whenever he needs a workforce.

We thoroughly committed to building a long relationship

Mr. Usman Hussain Shaikh



Some words from Managing Director

My key task to provide the fundamental strategic direction through the day to day business, and directing to all over the programs and services, alongside a developing network of associates and motivate leadership.

I accumulated over 10 years of extensive professional experience with the believe of partnering with our clients in providing customized solutions to solve specific business issues.

The challenges are tremendous What we do have is the vision, the commitment, and the expertise to become a leader, where leadership is not just being the biggest, but the best in terms of people and their competitiveness, my mission is to convert the traditional recruitment system to today's adopted technologies till 2024, which could help to provide the quality of recruitment service, the value we provide to our clients, and all our business processes.

would like to conclude with the understanding that the service of others is a life worth living, always excited to help others providing workforce inside a sense of honour, knowing that something you are doing is helping peoples in need.

Arman Usman Shaikh

Managing Director

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